Billy Baits Products

Born in the Florida Keys in 1993, Billy Baits have been raising fish in record numbers ever since. This innovative line of metal head trolling lures is deadly effective for catching tuna, wahoo, dolphin, sailfish, blue marlin, white marlin, striped marlin and kingfish. Every Billy Bait is designed to run straight and true and to be irresistible to game fish.

There’s the notorious Mr. Big and Smoke Rattle & Troll lures that incorporate drilled jets and internal rattles for high speed wahoo trolling, the infamous Mini Turbo Slammer and Master Hooker lures that create killer smoke and turbulence trails, and the deadly Ahi Slayer that dances on the surface of the water and mesmerizes dolphin, wahoo, and small billfish. No matter which Billy Bait you choose, have your drag set and be ready for action!