For over 40 years, AFW has been providing freshwater and saltwater anglers with the finest quality line, leader, and rigging products. Most American Fishing Wire line and leader products are still made at our factory in Pennsylvania, with pride.

The C&H Lures brand has been synonymous with big game offshore fishing since 1976.  Known for creating innovative fishing lures by working closely with tournament winning captains, it has grown and acquired additional brands to include NO ALIBI, NICKELURE, and BILLY BAITS.

You can rely on HI-SEAS for tight lines and championship results just like the Pros! All HI-SEAS line and leader products are spooled and packaged at our U.S. factory in Pennsylvania.

The Original Triple Fish, European-made monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing lines, is back and better than ever! Triple Fish is known for dependable lines and leaders at economical prices points, and we plan to build on this 57 year tradition.